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Here you can learn about my story. I hope to inspire others to become survivors. My site will contain all the information and tools you need to get help for you, your children, family and friends. Feel free to explore and email me with any questions, concerns, or you just need to chat. Help is readily available without fear of judgment.


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Latest from the Blog

Burn Out

I have been struggling with burn out from work. I was working 50 to 65 hours a week consistently for months. It became too much. I am a child welfare social worker. I do not take children away, I give them back when the state takes them from their parents. It is rewarding work but… Continue reading Burn Out

Writer’s Block

Here lately I have been having writer’s block. I have been struggling with what to write. There is so much swimming around my head, not to mention work has been crazy. I am social worker and love it. It is challenging and rewarding at the same time. I would never give up this career choice.… Continue reading Writer’s Block

Shout Out!

I just want to give a shoutout to those who were raised or living with a raging, violent, abusive, alcoholic and/or drug addict! We have suffered through so much abuse by them, both mental and physical. For me, the physical abuse was the easiest. The bruises go away, the broken bones heal, and you’re still… Continue reading Shout Out!

The Day I Left

The day came that I finally left him. It was a joyous day! It was in January 2010, 11 years ago. I woke up one morning and it finally hit me. I am talking care of myself and doing everything on my own. I was paying the rent and all bills, taking care of his… Continue reading The Day I Left


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