Family Violence vs. Domestic Violence vs. Intimate Partner Violence

Some of you may not currently be aware there is now a differentiation between family and domestic violence. Family violence involves family members and child abuse. Generally considered to be parent to child violence. A parent can physically, emotionally, and sexually abuse a child.

Domestic violence is now being referred to as intimate partner violence. Domestic violence is more of an umbrella definition that includes all around violence that happens within a family. Domestic violence can include child abuse, violence and sexual abuse between siblings, and intimate partner violence.

In my blogs to differentiate between family violence and domestic violence, I will use the more appropriate term of intimate partner violence. Intimate partner violence occurs between individuals in a romantic relationship who may or may not be living together. With intimate partner violence there is an element of power and control, which I will do a future blog that contains the Duluth Power and Control wheel, which some of you are very familiar with. With intimate partner violence there is such a level a anxiety it is unreal. “Always walking on eggshells” as I call it.

Here is a peek at the Duluth model:

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