Shout Out!

I just want to give a shoutout to those who were raised or living with a raging, violent, abusive, alcoholic and/or drug addict! We have suffered through so much abuse by them, both mental and physical. For me, the physical abuse was the easiest. The bruises go away, the broken bones heal, and you’re still … Continue reading Shout Out!

The Day I Left

The day came that I finally left him. It was a joyous day! It was in January 2010, 11 years ago. I woke up one morning and it finally hit me. I am talking care of myself and doing everything on my own. I was paying the rent and all bills, taking care of his … Continue reading The Day I Left

What I’ve learned…

I’m 47 and I’ve learned several things about myself. I used to be meek and put up with so much shit it was unreal. I’ve been beaten severely, but wasn’t broken. I found my power, my strength, and an insatiable need to survive. But not just survive, but to be happy, successful, independent, and take … Continue reading What I’ve learned…

PTSD & Gaslighting

Living with PTSD is an absolute nightmare. It is not just the constant worry, the constant looking over your shoulder, the lack of sleep, and the severe anxiety. For me, the worst part of PTSD and living in with an abuser was the constant having to prove myself and explain literally everything I was doing. … Continue reading PTSD & Gaslighting

Live From Galaxy’s Edge!

Today I am blogging live from Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios, Orlando Florida. Why? Because I am here to tell that dreams really do come true. Living with an abusive significant other has taught me one thing, never give up on your dreams, make it happen. The last couple weeks I have been caught up … Continue reading Live From Galaxy’s Edge!

Rough Couple Weeks…

My best of friends don’t always know what I struggle with. A lot of what goes on in my mind I keep inside. I live with uncertainty every day. I never know if tomorrow will be my last. I suffer from chronic health conditions and I am not always in the best of mental health. … Continue reading Rough Couple Weeks…

Living with PTSD & Attachment Disorder

There are many forms of emotional abuse, all can cause permanent damage to the the psyche. There is mounting scientific evidence revolving around permanent changes to the brain after long term emotional abuse. Long term physical abuse partnered with emotional causes devastating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in many individuals, including myself. In fact, most survivors … Continue reading Living with PTSD & Attachment Disorder


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